Hope Downtown Streetscaping (TAP-19)

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5/25/2022 10:00 AM
HOPE Downtown Streetscaping (TAP-19)

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Sealed bids for Hope Downtown Streetscaping (TAP-19) (S), to be constructed for City of Hope, ARKANSAS, will be received online in the QuestCDN online bid interface until 10:00AM, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25TH, at which time the bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud at City Hall, 206 W. Avenue A., Hope, Arkansas 71801.


The project includes, but is not limited to, 1,092 L.F. of roadside improvements including: 538 S.Y. of new sidewalk, 292 S.Y. of brick pavers, 938 L.F. of curb and gutter, 263 S.Y. of portland cement concrete base, 198 S.Y. of pedestrian ramps, 56 L.F. of R.C. pipe, and 34 new streetlights as shown on the plans and indicated in the specifications.


Digital copies of the bid documents are available at  for a fee of $30. These documents may be downloaded by selecting this project from the “Plan Room” link, and by entering Quest Project Number 8196959 on the “Browse Projects” page. For assistance and free membership registration, contact QuestCDN at 952.233.1632 or [email protected]. Addendums to the bid package will be issued through the online Garver Plan Holders List; therefore, all prime bidders shall be responsible for downloading the bid documents from the Garver online plan room in order to be included in the Plan Holders List.  Bidders must enter the addenda numbers in the Proposal to verify receipt.


For this project, bids will only be accepted through the QuestCDN online electronic bid interface. To

access the electronic bid form, download the project documents, refresh the project’s page on the

online plan room, and then click the “on-line bid” button below the project name.


Proposals shall be accompanied by a cashier's or certified check upon a national or state bank in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the total maximum bid price payable without recourse to the Owner, or a bid bond in the same amount from a reliable surety company, as a guarantee that the Bidder will enter into a contract and execute performance and payment bonds within ten (10) days after notice of award of Contract to him. Such bid guarantee shall be made payable to City of Hope.


The successful bidder must furnish a performance and payment bond upon the form provided in the amount of one hundred per cent (100%) of the contract price from an approved surety company holding a permit from the State of Arkansas to act as surety, or other surety or sureties acceptable to the Owner.


A State of Arkansas Contractor’s License is not required to bid on the project; however, no contractor shall submit a bid prior to submitting an initial application (which does not require a full audit) for licensure, and no construction contract shall be executed until the successful bidder has furnished an appropriate license issued by the State of Arkansas Contractor’s Licensing Board.


The owner hereby notifies all bidders that this contract is subject to Davis-Bacon wage determinations. City of Hope reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive irregularities in the bids and bidding deemed to be in the best interests of City of Hope, and to reject nonconforming, nonresponsive, or conditional bids.


The City of Hope hereby notifies all bidders that this contract is subject to applicable labor laws, non-discrimination provisions, wage rate laws and other federal laws including the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.  The Work Hours Act of 1962 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also apply.  “Buy America” provisions apply to this project.  The Arkansas Department of Transportation’s Standard Specifications Section 106 has requirements and restrictions for Buy America.  Also, 23 CFR § 635.410 has all of the federal requirements for Buy America.


Registration and good standing in the System for Award Management (SAM) will be required prior to contract execution


Bids must remain in effect for 120 days after the bid opening date.


City of Hope, Arkansas