The Collection part of Sanitation has many responsibilities, including: making sure that the household solid waste is collected from residential and commercial customers and transported to the landfill, mosquito control, picking-up special collection items, and organizing the commercial dumpster placement.


Rubbish/special collection items are generally picked up on Wednesdays. Residential solid waste is collected twice a week on two specific routes. Monday/Thursday route is for residences located south of 3rd Street. Tuesday/Friday route is residences located north of 3rd Street. The City cannot pick up any appliance that contains a refrigerant, tires, batteries, building materials, or leftover debris from contracted work.

Commercial pickup for small commercial customers is included in residential pick up routes. Large commercial customers are served by a separate route and may have pick up scheduled as many as six days a week. The truck empties 3 yard containers. Only class 1 material is allowed to be put in the bins - no metal, wood, or large are allowed in the dumpsters. Only material that can be safely loaded and compacted is allowed in the bins.

Twice a year the City of Hope gives out trash bags to every residence with a working electric meter. They are passed out in mid-March and mid-September.

Mosquito control is started in early spring by treating standing water around town with a granular insecticide that kills the larvae. When adult populations become apparent, the City will start its fogging program. The spray from the fogger will only kill adult mosquitoes. The City sprays four nights a week, hitting one quarter of town so that every street in town is fogged once a week.

This part of the Sanitation Department is run by Nathaniel "Peaches" Holyfield, Jr.  Mr. Holyfield started work for the City in 1987 in the Wastewater Department.  He was promoted to his current position in the Sanitation Department in 2007.
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      Nathaniel "Peaches" Holyfield, Jr.

      Phone: 870-722-2503

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      Office: 1603 W 3rd St.
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